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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Top 7 Google tips on security and privacy on Android

Google has published its seven most important privacy tips on Android, as well as ideas to increase the security of our data.

The security and privacy of our mobile devices are increasingly important. That is why many of the news and features that Google launches on Android are designed to improve those parameters.

Today the company has published a series of tips for us to have our secure data and for us to learn to use its applications better.

Beware of phishing

Google emphasizes that every month there are tens of thousands of new web pages designed just to steal our data. That's why tools like SPAM's call blocking or the new Chrome feature that lets us know if a website is trying to impersonate one of recognized prestige , are so useful.

These two functions are linked to the use of mobile phones as an authentication factor . We have already talked several times about the double verification step and how important it is, but Google re-highlights it. And not bad.

Take care of privacy on Android

Within the normal use we make of mobile applications, we must give special attention to the access that these apps have to our data.

Google reminds us that we have to correctly configure the permissions of the applications so that they do not have access to data or sensors that are not essential.

In addition, in Android 10 we can tell you that apps have permission to know our location only when we are using them, not always.

Finally, Google mentions the new incognito mode of Google Maps, in case we do not want a specific destination to be marked in our chronology.

Watch out for the apps we install

Last but not least, Google reminds us that we should not install insecure applications or of which we do not have complete confidence about their origin. The Google Play Protect system scans these apps, but it wouldn't be the first time

Saturday, August 17, 2019

What is Gmail confidential mode: your emails much more secure

gmail confidential mode

Do you want your emails to have more privacy? Find out all about the confidential mode in Gmail and send more private emails.

Privacy is something that should concern us all. Therefore, it should be protected in all possible ways. It is well known that messaging or email applications do not usually stand out for their privacy; although there were many changes in these past months due to the latest scandals. This is the case of Gmail with its confidential mode
Gmail is the most used email application, thanks in part to come installed on Android by default. It is common for you to send emails using this application on the phone. sometimes there are private details or sensitive information we need to send. In such cases, we can use the confidential mode.

What is confidential mode?

gmail confidential mode

Confidential mode is a function in Gmail that guarantees maximum privacy when sending an email.
It is an ideal method to send sensitive or private information to another person so that only that person has the ability to open that email. It is a great advantage that this function offers us.

Sending an email using this confidential mode has clear limitations. The person who receives it will not be able to download the attached files in the message, they can use the preview (if the file is compatible). In addition, it is not possible to copy the content of that message; thus preventing said information from leaving the mail. Even making screenshots is impossible. The idea is to keep this message confidential at all times.

In addition, the confidential mode in Gmail gives us the possibility to put a password to the messages. This helps that only the person to whom we have sent them can have access. It also includes the possibility of having that email self-destruct: it is possible to set an expiration date so that the person who receives it has a limited time to read it. These two possibilities are optional but add perfectly complement this confidential mode.

How to use confidential mode in Gmail

gmail confidential mode
To make use of this confidential mode in the Gmail application you don't have to complicate your life much.  First, you have to compose the message, add attachments you want to send, if they exist, and enter the recipient's mail. When these steps have been completed, we will activate the confidential mode in the mail application. The method is:

  • Inside the email click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the Confidential mode option.
  • Click on the Save button.
  • Send Message.

This is something simple, although we may want to use the most complete options that this confidential mode offers, such as setting a password or making this email go to self-destruct. In this case, they are in the third step of the previous process. When we press in the confidential mode in Gmail, we are allowed to configure how to use this mode in the application.
gmail confidential mode

Set expiration: This function allows us to choose when we want this email to be deleted automatically. There is a list of options, ranging from one day to five years, with various possibilities halfway between them. The one deemed appropriate will be used, although it is necessary to give the recipient time to read the message, especially without or using Gmail too often on the phone or on the computer

Require password: This is another step with which to determine the security and privacy of the email that is sent. By default, a password is not set with which to open said email. This is something we have to activate ourselves in the application. In this field, two options are given:

Standard: Users who receive this message in their account will be able to open it directly. At least as long as they have a Gmail account. If a different service is used, then they will receive in a separate email a password with which they can access confidential mail.

SMS Password: In this case, the recipient of the message will receive a password through an SMS. So we also have to know the person's phone number and enter it so they have access to the mail. If a phone number cannot be given, then it makes no sense to use this function.

How to open a confidential email

gmail confidential mode

In this case, we have shown how to write a confidential email in Gmail. It may also be the case that we are the recipients of such an email in our account. When the time comes we will have to open it, something that generates doubts among many users but that does not present major problems.

If it is an email that did not have a password, we can open it normally using the Gmail application on the phone. Although, when the date set by the creator of the email is passed, there is one thing, the email will be automatically deleted from our inbox. It will disappear without us having to do anything for it.

If the email you have sent us has a password, then we usually receive it by SMS . We will have, in addition to the mail, a text message with the password that we have to use. When we want to open that email, the first thing we will be asked for is to enter the password received. Without a password it will not be possible to open it.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

how to have root without actually rooting your phone

vmos, root without rooting your phone

As much as the ROOT or administrator access remains attractive to experienced users, there is no doubt that Android has overcome this need by becoming a mature system alone. In addition, having ROOT involves many risks; starting with the guarantee of the mobile itself. Now, do you want to have your apps with ROOT without compromising your smartphone? Write down this name: VMOS

VMOS is an application that virtualizes an Android system on your mobile to duplicate everything you need. You will even have ROOT easily and without risks.

VMOS developers have achieved a super simple way to virtualize a complete Android system within an Android mobile. Or what is the same: you will have two systems working at the same time so you can duplicate applications such as WhatsApp or install apps that need ROOT access. Of course, you need a mobile with some power because, as you can imagine, virtualizing a system is not something simple.

VMOS is available in the Google Play Store. It has just gone on the market and, under our tests, it works satisfactorily: it is perfect for all those who want to perform advanced actions on their mobile without putting it at risk. As everything is done in the virtualized system any problem will be isolated from the main system.

VMOS is an Android virtualizer that allows you to start any app, even if you need ROOT

get root access without rooting your phone

You can do the same in the VMOS environment as in your own phone system: its operation is identical. Of course, VMOS is based on Android 5.1.1, so it may not work for the most modern applications.

As we said, you need a smartphone with some power, which has 3 GB of RAM and at least 32 GB of storage 

Once you install VMOS from Google Play, you only have to give it access to the permissions (they are delicate, you need them to emulate a real Android environment), the application will download the system and virtualize it (it takes a few minutes) creating an environment reminiscent of Any Android stock. In fact, the settings are from Android stock; and Google Play does not escape, which is also included
root access android

You can install any application from the Google Play Store included in VMOS or install in APKs: it is exactly the same as in any Android. And you have ROOT access to test any application that needs it, such as Xposed, for example. Of course, you need to activate it as follows:

  • Go to the VMOS settings and enter " System Setting ". You will access the Android settings.
  • Scroll down to « Phone information «.
  • Press ten times on « Build number «.
  • Once you have active development options, enter them and look for the " ROOT " options. Activate them and you will have VMOS rooted.

Remember: ROOT is applied on the VMOS virtualized system, not on your phone. In this way, the mobile does not suffer any danger since everything is restricted to the VMOS Android. Then you only have to use the applications you want: just start VMOS and install them there. You can even use them on your phone's system since VMOS allows floating window execution.

VMOS is a free application and has no ads. Keep in mind that you need a mobile with some power, it can get hot due to the virtualization process and, in addition, it consumes a lot of energy, especially if you are running apps or heavy games in the virtualized system

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

How to activate whatsapp fingerprint lock

whatsapp fingerprint lock, whatsapp beta tester

Do you want to add extra security to your WhatsApp? Now you can block it with the fingerprint if you install the latest beta. We will show you how to activate fingerprint lock on whatsapp.

It never hurts that an application used by hundreds of millions of users includes extra security when it comes to hiding their conversations from other people. This is what WhatsApp finally did after activating the fingerprint scanner in its Android application: if you have the latest beta installed, you can already protect your chats with your fingerprint. And it is much more practical than it seems.

The logical thing is that no one accesses your conversations if you block the phone because they should not know your password, but it does not have to be the only security measure: adding the fingerprint to your WhatsApp you can make sure that nobody else reads your private messages. It even allows you to get a fairly desired extra: the new setting can hide the content of WhatsApp messages in notifications. This way only you can read what they tell you through the messaging application.

How to protect your WhatsApp from any curious look? You just have to protect it with the fingerprint by following the following process.

Access the privacy settings of your WhatsApp to protect it with your fingerprints

whatsapp fingerprint lock, whatsapp beta tester

WhatsApp already included a double authentication system with a six-digit pin that you can configure, but does not jump every time the application is opened, so it does not prevent someone from reading your conversations if they already have access to the phone. With the fingerprint, there are no cracks.

To protect the chats with the footprint you need the latest beta update of WhatsApp. In case you do not have access to the beta you can sign up by following these steps. Or you can install the Apk with the fingerprint adjustment: just download it from Apk Mirror. After:

  • Access the settings of your WhatsApp by clicking on the three points in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Enter the " Account " options , then "Privacy."
  • Scroll down to the " Fingerprint lock " option .
  • Now you just have to activate the option " Unlock with your fingerprint ". Confirm with the fingerprint registered on your phone.
  • You can choose three automatic locks: just close WhatsApp, after 1 minute after closing or after half an hour. You decide, but the first option is the safest. Also somewhat cumbersome since you will always have to put the mark to enter your conversations.
  • The last setting allows you to block the content of messages in notifications. If you don't want them to be read, activate it.

From the moment you set the fingerprint in your messaging application, nobody can read your messages if they don't ask you for permission to do so. Obviously, your mobile must have a fingerprint reader; In addition to having registered a fingerprint for access to the system.


To get the latest WhatsApp beta updates you need to signup for whatsapp beta tester program.
unless you need to try the apk from other sites.

i hope you found this article helpful. if so would you consider sharing it with others?
if you have any queries please mention it in the comment box below.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Telegram Desktop [ Review ]

telegram desktop

Do you know what Telegram Desktop is? you may know what is telegram but not heard about the desktop version. so today we are going to explain all about this desktop version of telegram application and how it can be used in your case.

Telegram has been crowned as one of the most popular application in Android It is one of the few, almost the only, able to stand up with WhatsApp in the field of instant messaging apps. but Most users using the smartphone version of the telegram don't know it has two versions.

Read: How to become Whatsapp Beta tester

What is Telegram Desktop

Telegram Desktop is simply the computer version of the application. It is synchronized with the user's account so that it is possible to send and receive messages in a normal way. in this way, it can be used on the computer. It is possible to use in all types of operating systems because there are versions for Windows, macOS, Linux 32 bit and Linux 64 bit are available. therefore, everyone can access telegram.

At the interface level, it does not present many differences with respect to the smartphone version of Telegram. On the left side, there is a column with all the chats that are open. Just click on one to put on the screen and send messages to another person. To access the menu, you must use the icon of the three horizontal stripes and then click on the desired option, such as entering the settings.

Therefore, it is a version that is very easy to use for all those who have Telegram on their smartphone. It will be synchronized with the account that is held on the smartphone at all times. This means that the messages received in either of the two versions will also be shown in the other. Even if the phone does not have an Internet connection at that time.

How to have Telegram Desktop

telegram desktop

Unlike the computer version of WhatsApp, which can only be used from the browser, Telegram Desktop is an application to download. Like any other application on the computer. While it is a light app, it takes up little space and does not affect the performance of the computer too much. To download it, you must enter the official website, From this link Telegram Desktop.

On the web you have to choose the version you want to download in each case, depending on the operating system. Then, you just have to wait for it to download and run the file that is downloaded. The usual steps when installing an application on the computer. When it is completed, you will be able to open Telegram Desktop on your computer.

How to synchronize the account

When opening the computer version, the first thing to ask is to enter the phone number. It must be the mobile number associated with the account on the smartphone. When this number has been entered, a code will be sent to the phone, which must be entered in Telegram Desktop. It is the measure used for this synchronization between the two.

So when the code has been entered and it is correct, the two versions of the application will be synchronized. After a few seconds, the chats that are in the application will appear on the computer screen. This means that it is now possible to use Telegram Desktop normally and all messages that are sent will also be shown in the smartphone version of the application.

In addition, it will be able to be used even if the account in the phone is not active at a certain time. That is, if the phone does not have an Internet connection at that time, you can use the desktop version normally. A good solution if you have finished mobile data on the phone or simply want to save on your consumption.

Dark mode in Telegram Desktop

telegram desktop

One of the star functions in Telegram Desktop is the presence of dark mode. More and more applications, both Android and Windows, make use of this feature. This desktop version also has it. In addition, the way to proceed with its activation is very simple.

Click on the icon of the three horizontal stripes in the upper left
Press the switch next to the dark mode

In this way, the interface of the application becomes a dark blue tone in its entirety. Both the background of the chats and the background of the interface in general. When you want to return to normal mode, you just have to turn off the switch again. So its use does not present any problem.

Send files

One of the great advantages of having Telegram on the computer and on the phone is that it becomes the perfect way to send files between the two devices. As many already know, the application allows you to send messages to yourself, in the chat called Saved messages. Since the two are synchronized, you can have access to this chat on both computer and Android.

Therefore, if you want to send photos, videos or any type of files between the two, it is possible to use Telegram. To do this, just select the files in question and send them to the conversation of Saved Messages. If it has been done from the phone, when accessing the chat on the computer, you only have to click on send file to save it. You are simply asked to choose a location on the computer for it.

In addition, the application allows you to send relatively large files. So it becomes a good alternative if you have to send a heavy file or many files at the same time. Its ease of use is the other great advantage it provides in this regard.

What is the advantage of using it on a desk in front of the telephone?

This is a field that can depend a lot on the personal choices and preferences of each user. In my personal case, I find it more comfortable to use the desktop version at the time of writing, because I find it more comfortable to write on the computer than on the phone. In addition, in the desktop version, you have on the right side the profile of each user with whom you speak. But you also have access to the multimedia files that have been shared in these conversations.

So, if you want to see the photos that a contact has sent at a specific time, just click on photos and all the photos will appear, divided according to the month in which they were sent. The same thing happens with videos or files in general. It makes it easy to access them, without having to be looking in the conversation.


I hope you found this article helpful. If so would you consider sharing it with your friends?
If you have any doubts and queries, please mention it in the comment box below.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Best 5 Alternatives to Google based on Privacy

Best Search Engines You Need To Use In 2018

Best 5 Alternatives to Googlesearch engine | If we talk about which is the most popular search engine in the world,  there is little doubt. Google is undoubtedly the reference in this field of the Internet. It is the search engine most used by the peoples from different platforms. It does not matter if we surf from your mobile, tablet, computer or any other device. However, there are alternatives. There are other options that can be interesting. Today we are going to talk about 5 alternatives to Google that focus on privacy

Best Alternatives to Google that are based on privacy

One of the most important aspects for many users is privacy. As we know, when we navigate we leave a trail. We leave different data such as our IP address, cookies, dates, etc. Some providers even sell that data to third parties. This may cause us to receive advertising, for example.

That is why it may be interesting for many users to use Google alternatives. Other search engines that focus specifically on privacy. They avoid gathering information from the user and make it navigate in a cleaner way.


duckduckgo google

One of the most popular search engines with these features is DuckDuckGo . It is one of the favorites for users seeking privacy. It does not track or use our personal information in any way. It does not even collect searches from a device. For example, you will not know if the same searches have arrived from the same team.

This engine uses different sources for the results. They use other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing or Yandex, but not Google.


searx search engine

SearX is a completely open source search engine. That's why users can analyze it and make sure they do not lie when they talk about all the privacy aspects they offer.

This search engine works by obtaining data from other search engines. He adds them and shows us the best combination he finds. We can customize which search engines you use to collect the results.


StartPage Web Search

Another alternative to Google is StartPage. It differs from the previous ones in that it does get results from Google. Of course, the search giant can not get any data from the user. No user ID or IP address is sent.

It also provides a proxy function. This prevents the pages from consulting our IP address. Of course, keep in mind that the sites will load slower. It is the balance between privacy and speed.


Swisscows the secure search engine

Swisscows promises not to store personal data of any kind. It does not collect the IP address, search queries, etc. All of your servers, as they indicate, are located in Switzerland, a country that has very strict privacy laws.

In this case, it uses the search engine of Bing, a search engine that is not too popular in Spain, but it is in other countries.


Qwant - The search engine that respects your privacy

The last alternative to Google that we want to show is Qwant. It is another of the search engines that focus on privacy. It is one of the search engines that is increasing in popularity. Some security tools recommend it.

In this case, the servers are located in France. Therefore users benefit from the data protection laws of the European Union.


In this Article we've discussed about the best privacy based search engines you can use instead of google, I hope you liked this article. If so please share it with others who might appreciate it as well. Thanks

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Blogger Template Without Copyright for 2019

blogger templates without copyright, blogger templates without footer credit

Blogger Template Without Copyright | Are you searching for a blogger template without footer credit, then this article is for you. Premium themes are not manageable for everyone, and most of us go for cracked and free themes with footer credits. 

Almost no one like the footer credits and go for hiding and crack the themes, although this is illegal it also cause legal issues. First of all, it is not suggested to use cracked themes or credits hidden themes because it will affect your SEO badly(Google doesn't like hiding scripts in your page which is regarded as a negative point to your Website).

So here we are introducing the best free blogger template without footer credit

Free Blogspot Themes

Most of us would have searched for free Blogspot themes, but we also know that no website will provide Blogger templates without copyright and encrypted scripts. This article would be useful for all bloggers who are looking for a completely free blogger theme.

Is there an actual theme which allows us to remove footer credits?

The Answer is Yes!

Check out the Pixel Theme by Blossom Themes Below!

Pixel Free Theme | Blogger Template Without Copyright

Pixel theme created by blossom theme with no encrypted script and completely open-source coding. Furthermore spectacular features like featured gadget and featured sidebar, etc. are preloaded with this theme. Above all, the theme is well customized.

Note: This template is free for commercial and private use.

Features of Pixel Theme

  •  Ad Ready
  • Responsive and SEO Friendly
  • No Encrypted Script
  • Featured Widget
  • Customized Widget
  • Custom Sidebar Widget
  • Author Description
  • Footer Credit Replaceable

Ad Ready

blogger templates without copyright, blogger templates without footer credit

The completely optimized theme for Adsense and just replace the Code with your Ad code. Furthermore, it comes with Top and Side Ad widget.

Featured Widget

blogger templates without copyright, blogger templates without footer credit

Featured Widget is very beautiful and well customized. Awesome post layout compared to other free themes.

Post Layout

blogger templates without copyright

Customized Post Layout with boxed content description. We can customize the number of posts shown on the Homepage from the theme layout section.

Theme File and Documentation

Download this theme from the below link and freely edit the footer credit. Follow the documentation and customize your blog as you prefer.

If any of the download links are not working properly please contact the admin or just comment below to notify us.

How to Edit Footer Credits

Footer credit is already configured with your Blog title and URL. So you don't have to edit the HTML file and I have already removed the Owner Credit (This is completely legal and without any Redirection).

Conclusion | Blogger templates without copyright

Hope you enjoyed this article on Blogger Template Without Copyright. Please comment on your valuable suggestions and improvements.

If you have any doubt regarding this post or related to this category you can freely contact us.

Monday, June 17, 2019

How to add Ads.txt on blogger

So guys welcome to, Today we are providing a tutorial How to setup ads.txt file on blogger.

If your blog is monetized with third-party providers or you’ve manually integrated AdSense in your blog, you will need to manually set up the content of the ads.txt file.

What is ads.txt?

Ads.txt is an initiative of the interactive advertising Bureau Tech Lab (IAB) to promote and increase transparency in advertising programs. this is an easy way for AdSense publishers to clearly show buyers who are authorized to sell their inventory.

Actually for Blogger Ads.txt already exists before. but now, you can edit ads.txt as desired and for friends who get a warning message like this

Earnings at risk - One or more of your sites does not have an ads.txt file. Fix this now to avoid severe impact to your revenue

On the Google Adsense dashboard, Google recommends that you activate ads.txt on the blog

How to activate Ads.txt on Blogger

To activate Ads.txt on Blogger, Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Search preferences > Monetization > custom ads.txt > then click edit select yes and paste the following code in the box ads.txt., pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

  • Replace pub-0000000000000000 with your Adsense ID then click save changes.
  • Adsense ID can be found on your Google Adsense Dashboard like this

To check whether Ads.txt is active, you can check the browser search tab with a link like this

http://<your blog address>/ads.txt


I hope you found this article how to add ads.txt in blogger useful. if you have any doubts regarding this post please comment below. we are happy to help you

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