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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Ads on WhatsApp for 2019, confirmed by Facebook

Ads on WhatsApp for 2019, confirmed by Facebook

WhatsApp To Run Ads From 2019

After a lot of rumors, the Italian head of Facebook has confirmed that the announcements will reach WhatsApp. And there is date: 2019.

The relationship between WhatsApp and advertising has been anticipated since the messaging application was purchased by Facebook and stopped subsidizing the annual subscription. Many have been the rumors, and now we get official information that confirms the bad news: users of the messaging application can not escape the ads.

While advertising will arrive in 2019 to the application, it will only show ads in the least used part, that of the Status . This has been confirmed by the person responsible for Facebook : asked about the media, and as the newspaper india today collects, there is no turning back. Not only was he going to collect the data, sooner or later Facebook had to recover the investment made with the purchase.

The Status of WhatsApp will have announcements in 2019, confirmed by Facebook

The latest rumor that came to us from TechCrunch was already advancing the States and the announcements, also that advertising would arrive in 2019. Now it is official, this has been confirmed by Luca Colombo , Country Manager of Facebook Italy.

Facebook is focusing on making instant messaging attractive to businesses. WhatsApp Business is a good example , also the strategy of connecting companies with users through messages. In this sense, and given that businesses and brands are interested in reaching the 1.5 billion users of WhatsApp , Facebook will open the door to advertisements starting with the States.

Although Luca Colombo has denied that advertising will appear in private chats, this will only be for now: Facebook is planning the best strategy to monetize the purchase of WhatsApp and nothing has been decided yet . Advertising is unlikely to get in the way of conversations, though. And, to do it, Luca assures that it will never be about unwanted communications or Spam.

The departure of the founders of WhatsApp blurred the last obstacles to advertising entering the application. Facebook has full power to do what it deems appropriate, a fact that does not augur much future to the privacy of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp usage figures are so high that it is logical that Facebook wants to exploit them

Make the investment profitable , that is a maxim for any business. And, despite the fact that with the interconnection of WhatsApp and Facebook the company of Zuckerberg already obtains a huge amount of data, there is still a concrete way to obtain direct income. Charging high-volume businesses for accessing the service through WhatsApp Business was the first step. The following is direct mail

Luca Colombo gave some last data to the Italian press that corroborate the immense size of WhatsApp. The messaging application has 1500 million monthly users; and these users upload 450 million States daily. The pinch of placing ads there will be considerable.

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