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Thursday, October 25, 2018

New Update | Whatsapp brings Stickers

New Update | Whatsapp brings Stickers

New Update | Whatsapp brings Stickers - As expected, the stickers did not take long to arrive after WhatsApp updated the official page. Just a few hours after publishing this article, WhatsApp has started to update itself to offer stickers in the app. The change is coming little by little to all users if you have the correct version of the app.

If you have used other messaging apps, the stickers will be familiar. You can download stickers packs of different themes, and share them with your friends. Perhaps the most striking thing is that the stickers appear two by two in the conversation; that is to say, that if you stick to put stickers these will not appear one per line, but two per line.

How to get WhatsApp stickers

New update brings stickers in whatsapp

To begin with, the vital thing is to have the latest available version of WhatsApp. The latest version compatible with stickers is 2.18.310, but at the time of writing these words, the latest version is 2.18.329. That is the one that you should update since the old versions will not receive this novelty

In Google Play it is not yet, but you can upgrade to WhatsApp Beta from sites like APKMirror, which already have version

Download WhatsApp beta from Apkmirror

Even if you have the latest version of WhatsApp, keep in mind that this new feature will not reach everyone at the same time. The activation of the functionality is taking place in a phased manner; so you may have to wait a bit to enjoy it. One recommendation is to reinstall the app, but be careful to lose your chats.

What stickers are available and how to use them

Whatsapp stickers

For starters, WhatsApp offers twelve packets of stickers: Cuppy, Salty, Komo, Blblbap Friends, Unchl & Rollle, Shiba Inu, The Maladrolts, Koko, Fearless and Fabulous, Banana, Biscult and Hatch. At the moment they are all static stickers, but in the future, they will arrive animated.

To use stickers, just click on the emoji icon in the box where you write. The emojis window and animated gifs will open; but now you should see a new option, which allows you to download stickers packages from the WhatsApp store.

WhatsApp stickers arrive on the official website

It seems a lie, but WhatsApp still does not have stickers, at least not officially. And we say that because it does not look like it; Facebook-owned service has been working on them for a long time, and you can use them with the developer options of the app, although you will need root.

But the stable version of WhatsApp has not yet received this news, despite all the months that have passed; something especially remarkable considering that it is one of the most used features in other messaging apps, such as Telegram.

The stickers have become the great successor of the emoji; They are more customizable, big, eye-catching and you can download new packages to expand your collection. So it was a matter of time before WhatsApp implemented them.

We may have to wait for very little. We hope that an update will arrive soon that activates WhatsApp stickers; How suddenly? Well enough so that in WhatsApp they are already modifying the official help documents. Probably in the betas this week or the next.

As they discovered in WABetaInfo the WhatsApp FAQ page has been updated with two new pages; one dedicated to using stickers on Android, and another dedicated to using them on iOS. Although the differences are minimal.

The pages detail the steps to follow to download and use stickers. In any chat or group we just have to click on the emoticon icon; then, in the lower part, we will see a new option, between emojis and animated gifs. We just have to download the icon pack we want to download.

In addition, we can also mark stickers as favourites (in case we have so many that we do not know where they are), and browse by category.

It takes less to use the stickers on WhatsApp. Yes, it doesn't seem a lie.

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