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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Sharing applications is now safer than ever

Sharing applications is now safer than ever

google play protect
A new security system allows us to share applications in Apk with guarantee of and enabling the update from Google Play.

Those who approach Android for the first time are surprised that there is such a simple method to install applications from outside the official store: just download an Apk, accept the " Unknown origins " permission and install the file. This, which removes the limits imposed by an official store, but may creates a serious problem: getting infected with malicious files too is a real risk.

From The Free Android we recommend you to watch especially the installation of Apks since we know how easy it is to download an infected file . If the downloads from secure pages such as UpToDown no problem, but the thing changes when you install an Apk that you found on an unreliable page. Or when you pass the application from another mobile, that here there is also a potential risk.

Google knows it can not stop the installation of Apks. Not only because it is widespread in Android, also because in countries where there is no good network infrastructure it is very difficult to install applications. So they have chosen to find an intermediate solution: secure the shared files

Google certifies the security of Apk files that are shared through guaranteed applications

The idea is that all those who share applications in Apk through guaranteed apps have the security that the files are safe and reliable . In this way not only the user's security is guaranteed, it is also granted a very important advantage: the Apks installed in this way can be updated directly from the Google Play as if they were a current application.

Google has begun to verify the authenticity of shared files through certified and secure applications. The first to obtain this certification are ShareIt , Google Files Go and Xender (the first one already works in beta, the other two will start doing it in the following weeks). And you can try it, we have checked with ShareIt

The process for sharing secure and "updatable" Apks from Google Play is as follows:
  • Who receives the Apk and you must have an application certified by Google . Currently it works in beta with ShareIt.
  • Choose a secure Apk you want to transfer and send it with ShareIt.
  • The person who receives the file can install the Apk with just clicking on the installation.
  • Google Play Protect will check the Apk metadata, even if there is no Internet connection.
  • The Apk file will be registered on the phone as authentic and will access updates from Google Play , like any app or game that is downloaded from there.

This process not only guarantees the authenticity of the files, it also opens new ways for users in countries without connection to access applications without being compromised in security

Although the installation of Apks is not secure Google does not plan to remove it from Android

Android was always the champion of freedom from the beginning, something that has been changing over the years as we have witnessed a progressive closure of the system . The ROOT is getting more complicated, unlocking the bootloader starts to be very difficult, also the installation of ROMs ... It would not be strange that Google closed the channel of the applications so that only its own channel, the Play Store.

The idea of ​​the monopoly of the Play Store would be logical according to the movements of the company, but it is impossible not only for social pressure, but also for the European: Google will have to pave the way to other stores in Europe . So, given that installing Apks will still be possible in the short and medium term, it is great news that Google is concerned about your security.

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