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Friday, November 2, 2018

Telegram proves to be better than WhatsApp by creating best sticker packs for WhatsApp

Telegram proves to be better than WhatsApp by creating best sticker packs for WhatsApp

whatsapp stickers by telegram

Whatsapp stickers from Telegram | Telegram is the main rival of WhatsApp, but it has shown class and elegance when creating stickers packs for WhatsApp that were in Telegram.

A few days ago we told you the news that WhatsApp finally added the stickers in your messaging application. In its endless struggle, Telegram has decided to teach WhatsApp a lesson by launching its own sticker pack on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp and its curious approach to stickers

The discussion about whether WhatsApp or Telegram is better has been around since Telegram exists. For many, it is a more innovative platform, which implements new functions before anyone else, while WhatsApp is only dedicated to copy. In the same way, there is little use of such technology if at the end you want to talk with neither use nor plan to use Telegram.

Personally, I use both applications, and what I miss most in WhatsApp are the stickers. I am addicted to expressing my answers or emotions with stickers. It's not something that Telegram invented, but Telegram is the only messaging application I use that has them

The arrival of stickers to WhatsApp is being progressive. After months of rumors, they have arrived and they are here to stay. The implementation of these stickers packs is a bit strange since you have to download the stickers packs as if they were applications in Google Play.

The best stickers packs for WhatsApp are from Telegram

whatsapp stickers by telegram web

Telegram has decided to rekindle the war of messaging applications. Someone in Telegram has thought that if WhatsApp does not go to the stickers, it is the stickers that arrive to WhatsApp.

If we go to the developer profile of Telegram X, an official alternative version of Telegram, we will find two new applications. They are pack of icons that we already had in Telegram, of Telegram, but for WhatsApp. There are two packages:

Has Telegram been delivered to WhatsApp? Well, it seems that no, and that is that the stickers packs include Telegram advertising. At the end of the packs, the application recommends that we download Telegram to have the best stickers experience.

Whether you're a fan or not of Telegram, it's a very elegant move to promote your application, just as they carry part of the experience we like about Telegram to its main rival.

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