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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Create your own stickers for whatsapp

Create your own stickers for whatsapp

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WhatsApp Stickers | Create Your Own Stickers for WhatsApp - Maybe they have arrived late, but that does not mean that WhatsApp users stop enjoying with the new stickers. And is that the stickers are usually better than the emoji when it comes to expressing emotion: they are much more varied and allow you to give the humorous touch to conversations with a single gesture. Especially if you have your own custom pack ...

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Imagine that you want to create your own stickers pack to use in WhatsApp . It may seem like a complicated process, but it is not so complicated since there is an application that facilitates the task of adding them: Stickers Maker for WhatsApp - Create New WA Packs . The name of the application already says it all because it opens the door to make personalized stickers.

Now you can create custom stickers with your name, image & fonts, own WAStickerApps Packs, Also create dialogues in any language.

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Highlights of this Application

- Add Texts with different languages (English, Malayalam,Hindi,Tamil,Telugu,Kannada,Bengali)
- Each language have different fonts
- A huge selection of Clip arts, Emoticons, packs
- Draw layer by layer. Give effects to each layer
- Adjust text color, size, stroke, shadow and curving
- Use patterns for text background
- Shapes can be used
- Image cropping/blurring support
- Duplicate/Copy Layer option available
- Your own logo can be added to any of the images that you create.

How to Create Stickers with Your photos

Now i will show you How to create stickers with your photos on WhatsApp. So first you need to download this Application 

Whatsapp sticker maker

After Downloading the Application from playstore, open it, and follow my steps

  • Open the Application, and click on Create New sticker,  Now a menu will come from left side
  • Click on Add Image
  • Select an Image to create new sticker, Now a menu will come with some options, crope the image if you want.
  • To erase the background click option Erase from the menu, You can select any tool to erase the background ( Auto, Lasso, Manual).
  • If you select Auto it will automatically delete area with same color when you click on color, The Lasso tool helps you to delete outside or inner portion of the selected area. Also you can delete background manually,
  • Also you can add dialogues in different languages, emoticons, and cliparts.
  • Save it after editing, and Click ADD TO WHATSAPP.

Now this stickers pack would be added in your whatsapp, 


This is not the only apllication that can create stickers for you, there are many apps available. I will post about it soon
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