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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

What you should know about Personal Privacy on the Internet

What you should know about Personal Privacy on the Internet

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Internet Privacy | Do you take enough precautions before diving deep into the internet? If not you may need to concern about your privacy, Your personal data may already be in the criminal's hands.

The privacy, It's our fundamental right. But most of the times it is become difficult to protect our privacy. The governments also try to spy their people in the name of national security surveillance. Already we've been watched by the corporates to make a profile of what we like and target their products to us.

Didn't you heard about internet privacy before, And don't you know, why should it so concerned. Probably That's why you didn't take care of your privacy on the internet. But after reading this article you will definitely think about your online privacy.

What is Internet Privacy

The internet privacy is a subset of data privacy and also termed as online privacy. It is primarily concerned with protecting user information. This ensures the privacy and security level of the personal data you display, store, provide on the internet.

This can include both personal identifying information (PII) and Non-PI information such as your behavior on a website.

Why is Internet Privacy Important

Think of a world without privacy concerns Where all your personal information such as medical records, credit card information, bank balances, online accounts username, passwords etc are available to anyone.

Internet privacy Risks


All your activities on the internet are trackable using cookies

Cookies are small chunks of information stored on your computer by websites you visit. They help you to keep logged in preferred websites such as Facebook, Google etc.., But they can be used for making a web profile of what you like for the ad companies, Didn't you noticed that the ads are following you when you browse each time, based on your earlier web searches
They can also be used by the hackers to steal your sensitive information stored on your browser such as usernames, passwords.


The internet crime used to steal sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, bank account details, credit card details, etc.. by sending a duplicate of the original site.


It is a hacking activity to redirect traffic from a legitimate website to a completely different IP address


A software that obtains information from a host computer without user consent


Malicious software used to damage online or offline computers through a virus, trojan horse, spyware, etc.

Social Engineering

The technique used to steal confidential information

Common mistakes that risk Your privacy in the Internet

  • Use of same login credentials  for multiple accounts
  • Use of simple/weak passwords
  • Allowing unused or little-used accounts
  • Using outdated software
  • Staying logged into websites
  • saving login credentials in the browser
  • Using services without reading their terms and conditions.

Does Private Browsing Mode Helps you

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Most of the people think the private browsing mode in the browsers will protect their privacy.
But Did you think of what extent? Of course, you need to think about that.

The private mode in the browsers will not save your browsing data such as visited websites, cookies, searches, or temporary files. So you can start up with a fresh identity each time you've gone into private mode.

But It doesn't protect or hide your online identity. Your employer, internet service provider or wthe sites themselves can still track what pages you visit.

How to Increase Your Online Privacy

Block Cookies

The first step what we need to take against the privacy risks is securing your browsers. Because these are the main program we use to go online. So by blocking cookies and enabling tracking protection (if this setting available in your browser) in your browser, you will be safe from these annoying ads and online threats ( at some extent ).

Block even more using a browser extension: Maybe some trackers still make it through. You can install browser extensions to block them


The best way to protect your online privacy is using VPN. It will completely change your online identity by changing your current IP address to an IP address on their server. You can visit websites banned in your country by changing location from the VPN server. It will protect all your incoming and outgoing traffic. Using VPN all your online activities and sensitive information stays secure and private.

Keep  Your software up-to-date

If you leave your software outdated chances are high to get hacked. the hackers can exploit the vulnerabilities in them and penetrate to your system. This will cause loss of your sensitive data and risk your privacy. So always keep your software up-to-date and avoid the risks.

Install Antivirus and activate Firewall

The antivirus program and the firewall will protect you from the harmful content on the internet such as malware, spyware, viruses, trojans etc.., the most operating systems come with a firewall built in.

Adjust your privacy settings on social media

Take advantage of the options they provide to you. Adjust your profile settings and ad preference. For example, you can take control over your ad preference from here on facebook. Also on google from here

Use Search Engines Which Values Your Privacy

Use the duckduckgo browser instead of Google, They don't store your information, They don't follow you with ads and  They don't track you.

Best alternatives to google Search Engine based on privacy

Privacy is our fundamental right. It is essential for freedom everywhere. But nowadays we are struggling. The governments also spying their people in the name of survelliance. So Stand for privacy and keep your data safely. Don't be a victim.


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