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Friday, January 18, 2019

Microsoft to separate cortana from search bar in windows 10 Build 18317

Microsoft to separate cortana from search bar in windows 10 Build 18317

The search for Windows without Cortana will be implemented in future versions of Windows 10, a grateful change for many users.

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The good thing that Windows no longer follows a fixed schedule of updates is that the system is always improving, responding to criticism from users. Before we had to wait for the "Service Packs" to get news; Now, Windows 10 receives improvements almost every six months.

The latest modification that Microsoft has announced is a good example of this; affects one of the most used functions of an operating system, the search. Normally, when we want to find a file, it's because we really need it; We do not want distractions or having to dodge functions we do not want. And yet, that's just what Microsoft did when it implemented Cortana.

The search for Windows without Cortana, finally

The personal assistant of Microsoft comes installed by default in Windows 10; and occupies the same position as the system search. That implies that, every time we want to look for a file, we also "wake up" Cortana; something more than a nuisance, since it can also affect performance.

Most people just want to use the search; especially on the desk, where personal assistants have not been able to take off, as in smartphones. That's why Microsoft has decided to separate the search for Cortana; from the next versions of Windows 10, will be two separate functions and will be developed independently.

The latter is also important, because it will allow Microsoft to focus on the strengths of each functionality. It will allow developers to implement new features in Cortana, and improve Windows search without fear of "stepping on" each other.

Moreover, as you may recall, Microsoft is developing a new universal search engine ; will be the same for all its products, from Office 365 to Bing, passing, of course, by Windows 10. This division will improve the Windows search with new features.

But the first result is that in future versions of Windows, Cortana will appear as an independent icon in the bar. For the time being, the change has been applied to Windows Insider users, the Windows 10 trial version, and has not yet a definite release date.

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