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Saturday, August 17, 2019

What is Gmail confidential mode: your emails much more secure

What is Gmail confidential mode: your emails much more secure

gmail confidential mode

Do you want your emails to have more privacy? Find out all about the confidential mode in Gmail and send more private emails.

Privacy is something that should concern us all. Therefore, it should be protected in all possible ways. It is well known that messaging or email applications do not usually stand out for their privacy; although there were many changes in these past months due to the latest scandals. This is the case of Gmail with its confidential mode
Gmail is the most used email application, thanks in part to come installed on Android by default. It is common for you to send emails using this application on the phone. sometimes there are private details or sensitive information we need to send. In such cases, we can use the confidential mode.

What is confidential mode?

gmail confidential mode

Confidential mode is a function in Gmail that guarantees maximum privacy when sending an email.
It is an ideal method to send sensitive or private information to another person so that only that person has the ability to open that email. It is a great advantage that this function offers us.

Sending an email using this confidential mode has clear limitations. The person who receives it will not be able to download the attached files in the message, they can use the preview (if the file is compatible). In addition, it is not possible to copy the content of that message; thus preventing said information from leaving the mail. Even making screenshots is impossible. The idea is to keep this message confidential at all times.

In addition, the confidential mode in Gmail gives us the possibility to put a password to the messages. This helps that only the person to whom we have sent them can have access. It also includes the possibility of having that email self-destruct: it is possible to set an expiration date so that the person who receives it has a limited time to read it. These two possibilities are optional but add perfectly complement this confidential mode.

How to use confidential mode in Gmail

gmail confidential mode
To make use of this confidential mode in the Gmail application you don't have to complicate your life much.  First, you have to compose the message, add attachments you want to send, if they exist, and enter the recipient's mail. When these steps have been completed, we will activate the confidential mode in the mail application. The method is:

  • Inside the email click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the Confidential mode option.
  • Click on the Save button.
  • Send Message.

This is something simple, although we may want to use the most complete options that this confidential mode offers, such as setting a password or making this email go to self-destruct. In this case, they are in the third step of the previous process. When we press in the confidential mode in Gmail, we are allowed to configure how to use this mode in the application.
gmail confidential mode

Set expiration: This function allows us to choose when we want this email to be deleted automatically. There is a list of options, ranging from one day to five years, with various possibilities halfway between them. The one deemed appropriate will be used, although it is necessary to give the recipient time to read the message, especially without or using Gmail too often on the phone or on the computer

Require password: This is another step with which to determine the security and privacy of the email that is sent. By default, a password is not set with which to open said email. This is something we have to activate ourselves in the application. In this field, two options are given:

Standard: Users who receive this message in their account will be able to open it directly. At least as long as they have a Gmail account. If a different service is used, then they will receive in a separate email a password with which they can access confidential mail.

SMS Password: In this case, the recipient of the message will receive a password through an SMS. So we also have to know the person's phone number and enter it so they have access to the mail. If a phone number cannot be given, then it makes no sense to use this function.

How to open a confidential email

gmail confidential mode

In this case, we have shown how to write a confidential email in Gmail. It may also be the case that we are the recipients of such an email in our account. When the time comes we will have to open it, something that generates doubts among many users but that does not present major problems.

If it is an email that did not have a password, we can open it normally using the Gmail application on the phone. Although, when the date set by the creator of the email is passed, there is one thing, the email will be automatically deleted from our inbox. It will disappear without us having to do anything for it.

If the email you have sent us has a password, then we usually receive it by SMS . We will have, in addition to the mail, a text message with the password that we have to use. When we want to open that email, the first thing we will be asked for is to enter the password received. Without a password it will not be possible to open it.

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