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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Top 7 Google tips on security and privacy on Android

Top 7 Google tips on security and privacy on Android

Google has published its seven most important privacy tips on Android, as well as ideas to increase the security of our data.

The security and privacy of our mobile devices are increasingly important. That is why many of the news and features that Google launches on Android are designed to improve those parameters.

Today the company has published a series of tips for us to have our secure data and for us to learn to use its applications better.

Beware of phishing

Google emphasizes that every month there are tens of thousands of new web pages designed just to steal our data. That's why tools like SPAM's call blocking or the new Chrome feature that lets us know if a website is trying to impersonate one of recognized prestige , are so useful.

These two functions are linked to the use of mobile phones as an authentication factor . We have already talked several times about the double verification step and how important it is, but Google re-highlights it. And not bad.

Take care of privacy on Android

Within the normal use we make of mobile applications, we must give special attention to the access that these apps have to our data.

Google reminds us that we have to correctly configure the permissions of the applications so that they do not have access to data or sensors that are not essential.

In addition, in Android 10 we can tell you that apps have permission to know our location only when we are using them, not always.

Finally, Google mentions the new incognito mode of Google Maps, in case we do not want a specific destination to be marked in our chronology.

Watch out for the apps we install

Last but not least, Google reminds us that we should not install insecure applications or of which we do not have complete confidence about their origin. The Google Play Protect system scans these apps, but it wouldn't be the first time

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